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Course Description

Caterers cook and transport food for other people’s parties. Unlike restaurants where all the cooking and serving happens at the same location, caterers have the added logistical challenge of transporting food from their kitchen to the party venue. Caterers work closely with their clients to develop a menu and a party plan that meets their clients’ desires and budget. To be a successful caterer, you must have business savvy, be great at dealing with people, and able to handle stress.  Additionally, you’ll need be an excellent cook as well as be creative, organized and efficient. Some caterers have several of these qualities when they start out, but they have to develop the others as they go along.

This course discusses in detail the critical aspects of management involved in running a catering business like how to get the appropriate licenses and permits, what kind of kitchen you need, basic food safety practices, party planning, cooking for a crowd, planning meals, dealing with customers, understanding how to price your services, and moving the food safely from one location to another.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Upon successful completion of this course students will demonstrate proper knowledge, skills, theory,
    practice of the catering industry.
  • Upon successful completion of this course students will define several styles of catering and be able to
    implement them in action.
  • Upon successful completion of this course students be able to understand the importance of having a
    detailed catering menu and service.