90 Days


8 Hours



Course Description

an introduction to coffees and teas of the world with a focus upon their importance to global cultures found in many regions, particularly within the various cultures of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Students will learn about these beverages and their unique interrelationship with their regional culture, heritage, and environment. Each beverage will focus upon specific regions of the world.

  • Coffee: regions of the world representing the Americas, Africa, Europe, India, the Middle East, and Indonesia
  • Tea: regions of the world representing China, Korea, Japan, India, England, Kenya, Russia, Iran, France, Morocco and the U.S.A.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Identify Coffee and Tea growing regions from around the world
  • Define international coffee and tea terminology
  • Differentiate the characteristics of regional coffee and tea around the world
  • Describe and compare a variety of perspectives in the global community
  • Distinguish one’s own cultural patterns; and respond flexibly to multiple
  • Memorize the history and culture of coffee and tea from around the world
  • Identify the impact of diversity within cultural traditions for coffee and tea
  • Describe the impact geography, climate, culture, heritage and government
    regulations have upon coffee and tea from the main producing countries
  • Analyze and compare the religious history and current religious climate of one regional coffee or tea-producing region around the world to a coffee or tea producing region in the United States (not to include Florida)
  • Explore one’s own cultural norms or values in relation to those of a different
    cultural group
  • Identify four types of non-alcoholic beverages and their components