90 Days


8 Hours



Course Description

In this class, we’ll consider a variety of forms of food media, including food memoir, food porn, Instagram, cookbooks, blogs, dietary advice, TV shows, and films, as well as food writing, criticism, and reporting. We’ll learn through all of our senses, training our palates through in-class tastings and visits to Mother Road Market. Building on this embodied knowledge, we’ll grow our writing skills of description to fully capture in words what foods taste like, whether surprising and new or nostalgic and comforting.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Consume and produce food media in their everyday (and perhaps professional) lives in critical and thoughtful ways.
  • Articulate how food itself (and various food media forms) represent and co-produce arrangements of power and categories of identity (such as race, gender, sexuality, and class), including ethical implications.
  • Critically evaluate connections and disjuncture between our food media history and present.
  • Communicate clearly, persuasively, and with polished prose and style in writing assignments and oral presentations. This course aims to provide students a supportive space to experiment with new forms of writing and to develop their own unique voice.
  • Clearly articulate food views regarding taste and flavor, consumption habits, and global food system issues.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the origins, evolution, and issues of writing about food.
  • Recognize and evaluate the social and cultural construction of food in the media, particularly as it
    relates to food production, representation, and consumption.
  • Evaluate the cultural function of popular culture—including cookbooks, food labels, magazines,
    film, cooking shows, and images—in daily life.
  • Present ideas and information appropriately for various audiences, resulting in the creation of
    polished written pieces.