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For some people, wine can be a confusing topic. It certainly does not need to be, and this comprehensive course will remove any fear you have about learning what you have always wanted to learn about wine. 

After starting with an overview of some basic terms and principles about wine, we will take you on a world tour of the famous wine regions and vineyards in France, Italy, Spain, the United States, Portugal, Australia, Austria, Greece, and other countries. 

This course will cover such topics as how to properly taste wine and how to make a good selection in a restaurant or a store. It will also help you to select the best wine with certain foods. 

We will cover all the characteristics about wine, including its flavors, aromas, and color, and we will explore the entire winemaking process, from picking the grapes in the vineyard to bottling the wine. Grapes are the essential ingredient of wine, and we will cover all the essential knowledge you need to know to understand how grapes are involved in the winemaking process. Wine is one of life’s great pleasures and is meant to be enjoyed responsibly!