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Course Description

Students will acquire both the knowledge and understanding of cuisines around the world. Students will study international countries and regions. Areas of study will be selected as to their culinary popularity and influence on world cuisine. Each country/region covered will describe food customs, common ingredients and culinary specialties from that area. Students will learn the basis for diverse food preferences around the globe, discuss how the cuisines of other cultures have been encultured into American cuisine and apply their knowledge of international cuisine into recipe development. Students will gain knowledge of and respect for cultural diversity in foods. Food, food preparation techniques, tools and equipment, and menu patterns of international cuisine will be learned and applied.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Describe cultural characteristics within each region/group of countries
  • Identify and define regional foods and related terminology
  • Distinguish individual food crops of each country.
  • Examine the climatic, geographical and historical influences on the cuisines of these
  • Identify similarities and differences between the cuisines of the countries.
  • Create recipes and dishes from each region using regional cooking methods.

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